Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Jeans - Gap Essential Fit

Purple Cami - Old Navy

Jacket- Martin and Osa

Shoes - Carlos Santana via Zappos outlet

I tried to capture the sparkly awesomeness of these shoes, but no pictures truly got it. I think this is the best pic I could get. I got them at the Zappos outlet for the low, low price of $20. I usually only wear them on NYE, however I know that I should bust them out more often because they are adorable and way too special to only wear once a year. The rest of my outfit is kind of boring, but I have to work a full day today and will not go home before going out, so the best I could do was festive shoes :)

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve!! Make sure you spend it with those that you care about.

The Jeans!
Women: Essential jeans - dark tint

The lace trimmed Cami
Women: Women's Lace Jersey-Knit Camis - Purple Drama

Comfy New Years

Empire waist sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (after seeing this picture, I liked it even more than I already did and ordered one in fuschia since they didn't have it in the store)

Jeans: CAbi

Lace Cami: Old Navy

Necklace: Lia Sophia

Pumps: Pleaser

Low key New Years Eve for this gal. After going to work, I'm heading to the UofL game (hence the red) and then to just hang out and ring in the new year with friends. I've never been a fan of New Years so the lower key the better for me.

Countdown is on to get rid of this oh so fashionable bandage. Just makes me want to buy a great bracelet to wear on that new and improved wrist. :-) I'm trying to resist the urge!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday -- Ally

I've never really liked wearing turtlenecks. I think it's because they make me feel like I'm slowly being strangled and that's never a good thing. However, I'm trying to try new things and Old Navy had these thin turtlenecks for way cheap ($6) so I got one. If it didn't go well, I knew I could always just donate it or set it on fire.

Cardi: NY&Co.

Turtleneck: Old Navy

Pants: Old Navy

Trouser socks: Walmart

Shoes: Cole Haan

Necklace: Gift

So the doesn't suck. It's super super thin and ends up mushed down my neck so it doesn't choke me. However, it's so thin that it looks slutty and inappropriate unless you layer over it.

This pretty grey pearl necklace was a gift - I love it. I really like how it matches the buttons on this cardi.

The turtleneck:
Women: Women's Lightweight Turtlenecks - Black

The pants - on sale for $20:
Women: Women's Essential Natural Rise Trousers - New Black

The cardi:
City Style Jeweled Cardigan

The shoes:
Cole Haan - Fiona Low Air Pump (Dark Chocolate Calf) - Footwear

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Outerwear Addition

Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft

Hanky Wrap Tee (not seen): CAbi

Jeans: Sundown fit from Lucky Brand Jeans

Pumps: Nine West

I've mentioned my love of outerwear numerous times before. A girl can never own too many winter coats as far as I'm concerned! However, it is bad enough that my mother adamently refuses to purchase outwear for me on principle. Thank goodness my dad doesn't!

Every year on Christmas Eve, we get special gifts picked out by Dad just for his girls. This coat was this year's Daddy present. As I gleefully opened it, my mom announced that she had nothing to do with it! Haha. I do love the coat though!

I got a new pair of Lucky Jeans shopping the day after Christmas--they were 50% off! I basically only wear my Cabi pair and my old Lucky pair but they were getting too worn out so I replaced them with these. I actually like these better--before I wore the sweet and low which is a mid rise, easy fit, flare. These are a mid rise, slim fit, bootcut which I like much better.

I am a huge fan of premium denim. I used to own close to ten pair of jeans--but didn't really love any of them. Now I own only 2 or 3--I pay more for them but they feel better, fit better, look better, etc. I have succeeded in convincing my mom and sister as well! Mom broke down a while back but Ashley held on but seeing the 50% off sale, she decided she could finally be convinced! Maybe they'll do a guest post in their new hottie jeans one day for us!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The morning after.

It's always a bit of a let down the day after a major holiday or event, huh? You get so wound up for The Big Day that when it's all said and done you wonder, "What now?" I always feel this way after events and never learn my lesson. I am so focused on that one day, that one thing, that I lose sight of the forest for that one, single tree.

I hope you all took the time yesterday and the days preceding to slow down a little, say something nice to your pesky little brother, hug your parents, not nag your husband, or just relax. The holiday season isn't just about magical events that may or may not have happened. It's also about spending it with family and friends and people who love and respect you. We all have different religious views and opinions, and it's important to embrace the differences and cultivate new understandings of your own views through others.

I'll not be posting about gifts I gave or received or anything related. Cliche as it may be coming from a fashion blogger, I take deep issue with the materialism of religious holidays.

I had a great day with my family and Al and I look forward to Sunday when we celebrate with his family and our close friends (who are family to us too). I can only hope you're all as fortunate as I have been this year. I'm employed, I have an amazing family, a loving, caring boyfriend, and my dog is awfully sweet too.

I did get a little festive on Christmas Eve and dressed in red and green. You won't see me wear much red, but I will wear green!

Top: Old Navy ($6!!)

Lace cami: Old Navy ($5!!)

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Dollhouse via Zappos

Pin/necklace: gift

Sleepy eyes: late night with Tracey and Al :)

I'm lucky to not only have family that I'm related to and look like, but I also have family that I've chosen. I "adopted" our neighbor when I was 4 and she's my 3rd grandma. I love her just the same as the others, and her parents were great-grandparents to me.

When her mother passed away at the ripe old age of 96 (or was it 97?) her pins were made into bigger pins and given to family members. I got a Christmas pin and it's one of my most treasured belongings. I'm so afraid the glue is going to give out and I'll lose a pin, but I wear it anyway knowing GiGi would be proud of me.

I'm also positive she would appreciate these hotsy shoes! haha

I know Leslie is deeply offended by ankle straps and won't come within 10 feet of a shoe with one, but I like them. I don't think they make my ankles look thick or my legs short and they have such a charming retro flair to them. (I give Les a load of grief every time ankle strap shoes come up - don't want anyone thinking I'm picking on her!)

These shoes are a "little much" as it is, though, so I reserve them for wearing with pants so as to mute the LOOK AT MY HOT RED SHOES vibe they send out.

Stolen back for a day

Velvet Jacket: Old Navy

Flannel Cargo Pants: The Limited

Black Turtleneck: The Limited

Boots: Maripa

My sister has stolen from my closet for years. This is nothing new. About a year ago she stole this jacket and Im ashamed to say it took me a few months to notice. I nicely asked for it back and she refused. Said she'd given me a suit that no longer fit her in its place. Well, yes, thats true...but she couldn't wear the suit and I can still wear the velvet jacket. But it just didnt seem like a battle worth fighting. So I said goodbye to the jacket and let it live with her.

When I saw her wearing it at church last week, I asked if I could have it back for just one day--along with the fabulous cross necklace she had on with it (pictured below-I couldnt get the picture to not be blurry for some reason but you get the idea). I was granted a single wearing which you see on this post.

Oh velvet jacket I miss you! (side note--this jacket was Old Navy 7 years ago but I still like it as much as the day I bought it--well, that Gran bought it for me for Christmas!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas-- and happy shopping!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great one, celebrating the birth of Christ, spending time with family and friends and exchanging gifts!

Christmas means one thing for a shopper....DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES! And in fact, now with the internet, we don't even have to wait until the 26th--I have been known to partake in some Christmas afternoon online shopping myself!

I always take a small loot of returns and then Christmas cash and hit the sales-- with the country in recession this year, I'm expecting even more great bargains!

I tend to really rack up on sales every year at the same places. Banana Republic is my #1 "day after Christmas" shopping location. Frankly, I don't think their sales during the year are that good at all--but I'll give them one thing--they know how to have a post-Christmas sale! I also have great luck at Ann Taylor/LOFT, The Limited, and at J. Crew sometimes. And Victoria's Secret always has a great deal happening that day as well for all the basics you need! I typically end up hitting all the stores in a single day, across two malls. This is probably part of the reason that I have so many great winter wool pants and not so many summer dresses and such!

What about you-what is your strategy for hitting up the post-Christmas sales?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From your closet to mine

Leather Blazer: Mossimo

Red Ruffle Tuxedo Print Shirt
: Harold's

Pinstripe Pants
: Harolds

: Maripa

Don't you love it when you are going through someone else's closet and find an item you love and they never wear and they let you keep it? That is how I got this red tuxedo shirt which I think is just adorable with the ruffles. My mom didnt wear it so now it's mine!

I actually prefer the outfit without the jacket but considering it's literally below 10 degrees outside today and my office is floor to ceiling windows, I thought some extra layers may be needed so I threw on the leather blazer. The pants do have a matching suit jacket but I think the leather makes it a little less "matchy matchy."

Tomorrow, I'll be opening presents to go straight from the store to my closet...but as we all open presents tomorrow and celebrate the holiday, don't forget the real reason for the season and the reason we give gifts--for the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ladylike Lace

White Shirt: Old Navy

Black Lace Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft

Pumps: Pleaser

There's nothing more ladylike and holiday-ish than lace. I've been on the lookout for a great fitting lace skirt for weeks for this exact reason--it just makes me feel festive during the holidays but is basic enough to be worn year round and dressed both up or down.

I saw this skirt several weeks ago at Ann Taylor Loft and knew the cut was perfect and would be flattering on me. The problem? I didn't want to pay full price, which was $69.

Well cyber-stalking can be a good thing--they put it on sale for 3 days only for $29.50 THEN I received a 30% off coupon code so I ended up with it for $20.65! I had to do a size exchange in the store and the cash register girl was raving over the price I got the skirt at. It pays (literally!) to be a thrifty shopper!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog Fashion

A little doggy fashion for you this evening.

Hershey wears a fashionable dog antler headband with sparking beads. She is adorned in a piece of Christmas garland.

Fluffy shows her Christmas spirit by dressing up as Santa Claus. And begging for more treats. She's yet to figure out that Santa Claus gives gifts and doesn't receive them.

How do your pets show their holiday spirit?

Manjoyment Monday - Ally

Doesn't today seem like a waste of time? Shouldn't we ALL be off work this week? I think so! However, most of us aren't so lucky. Stay tuned after today's outfit for a special treat :)
Cardi: NY&Co.

Top: Banana Republic

Pants: Old navy

Grey fishnets: TJMaxx

Shoes: Liz Claiborne via Value City clearance

Pearls: gift

I also have this cardi in purple but the quality difference between the colors is astounding. I've already had a button pop off this one and have been trimming loose threads all morning. Not sure if the dyeing process for this color is more harsh or what, but I'm very annoyed.

I'm not sure if I've shown you these shoes yet, but these are the other pair I picked up when we stopped by the Value City closing sale. I snagged these for $23 as well (If you recall, I also got those cute blue flats w/the ribbon):
I wasn't so sure about these when I first got them, but now that they've settled in and gotten all crinkly, I love them. They're super comfortable and don't make my feet stink like a lot of lower end shoes. If you were ever near me, you'd appreciate that fact!

Liz Claiborne Women's Kidman

I wish I had ordered this top in every color from Banana Republic when I ordered it last month:
Women: Silk shirred top - Pine green

It's on sale for $24.99 but sizes are limited.

My beloved wide leg pants from Old Navy are still available in a very few sizes...too bad one of them isn't mine. Another regret...not getting these in every color!
Women: Women's Herringbone Wide-Leg Trousers - Gray Herringbone

So I mentioned a special treat at the end of this post, and I mean to deliver! KT has given me a lot of grief for dropping the ball on Manjoyment Monday. It's a lot of work to dig up pictures of half naked men every week! I just can't commit to it. However, it is the Holiday Season, so ladies...ENJOY!

Christmas Plaid

Black Pants: Harold's

Plaid Jacket: CAbi

Thin Black Turtleneck: The Limited

Pumps: BCBGirls

Today was a holiday meal at work so I wanted to look festive while I served. Unfortunately, the room was so hot, I ditched the jacket after 10 minutes and lost all of my festive look! However, a green "Happy Holidays" apron (yes, me in an apron, it was a Kodak moment) gave me a festive look back.

I've never worn this jacket belted --I've always worn it open or just buttoned but I received several comments that they liked the belt. I'm still not sure which way I prefer but it certainly made me see the jacket in a new way!

(Side note--I love this turtleneck-it's a thin cotton/wool blend and perfect for layering. I went back to grab a second black one because I wore this one sometimes 3 times a week last winter and got tired of doing laundry but they were all out. If you see them again, tell me so I can get there--and after I get mine, stock up on one yourself!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend -- Ally

Once upon a time, this was a dress. I'm not sure for whom it was a dress, but it's now a tunic as it has shrunken considerably over the years.

Dress/tunic: Target

Yoga pants: Danskin

Boots: Payless

Necklace: Walmart

As much as I hate the new legging trend, I can see their purpose in outfits like this. It's inappropriate to just wear tights with this to work (and anywhere else!), but leggings provide coverage and warmth. Since I refuse to purchase leggings, I made these yoga pants work. I've worn this outfit before without the boots in my vacation post.

I've had these boots for years too. They come up right to my knee and the fold over flap could be flipped up, but that's a little too street walker for me. Hell, these boots are sorta street walker if I don't watch what I wear with them. Too short of a skirt and the wrong hosiery and I'm workin hard for my money!

I wish I could find another pair of boots like this. I've decided an over-the-calf height looks best on my short legs, but it's hard to find a style I don't hate.

I may swing by Payless today and pick up these. They're on sale for $49.99 and they're doing BOGO right now! They're a little higher of a heel than I'd like, but they're awfully cute!
Patricia Field for Payless Rumba Boot

Since it's BOGO, I need a 2nd pair of shoes in mind, huh? I really like the colors and woven toe on these:
Abaeté for Payless Devon Ribbon Wedge

One Hand Down....

Wrap Tee: CAbi

3/4 Sleeve White Button Down: Bitten

Tweed Pants: Ann Taylor

Patent Pumps: Chinese Laundry

There is no such thing as minor surgery I've determined. I have had a ganglion cyst on my wrist several months that has really become quite bothersome so we made the decision to take it out. No biggie. So I thought. That is until I headed into surgery and they started hooking me up to monitors. And giving me sedatives. And I woke up with my hand wrapped in a cast. And I left in a sling. Yep, real minor.

It's actually not that bad- no pain. Biggest inconvenience is having to cover my arm in plastic to shower. AND figuring out what I can wear that will stretch over the bandage and casting. Well those things and how to flat iron your hair with one hand and put pomade in without being able to rub it in your palms!

Many of you have seen my raves over the CAbi wrap tee. The blue version came in the mail yesterday- since it has so much stretch, it was the perfect option to get on over the casting! My shirt underneath is 3/4 so that worked as well!

A little amusing photo below--me at work trying to look my most pitiful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

TGIF - Ally

Nothing too exciting today. I feel very SKee-Wee in today's hot pink and green though! It's a good holiday combo too for those who can't wear red well. I don't look good in most reds, so this is a great way to wear red/green w/out looking like a tree OR wearing red. :)

Cardi: NY&Co.

Pink gathered tshirt: H&M

Green lace cami: Old Navy

Pants: Old Navy (same as the others I love, except in brown)

Shoes: Ralph Lauren (same as yesterday. I love them SO MUCH)

Necklace: Sarah Balmer (same as yesterday. See a pattern??)

I don't have a lot to say about today's outfit other than I think I have a uniform. Pants, cardi, and a top underneath. I pretty much wear the same combo of things all winter b/c 90% of the time, I'm too lazy to pull on tights and a dress in the morning.

Close up of necklace and tops. I love how the pink and green bring out the colors in this necklace. When I wore it yesterday it was very muted and the purple came through.

Who else loves these camis? Every time I order from Old Navy I pick up a few more. I probably have them in every color at this point! They're on sale for $5 right now!

Women: Women's Lace Jersey-Knit Camis - Florentine

Drapey Day

Silk blend tuxedo shirt: Banana Republic

Pinstripe Pants: Banana Republic

Pumps: Pleaser

Some days are so long your only concern is comfort. Today is one of those days....It is going to be a 16 hour day straight so I decided to simply wanted to be comfortable. This baggy, soft shirt and drapey pants fit the bill.

Since this blog focuses on cheap buys, I feel it necessary to tell you both the pants and shirt were major Banana Republic day after Christmas sales--each was under $20. Ann Taylor Loft may win the pre-Christmas sales--but no one beats Banana the day after!