Friday, December 11, 2009

Beauty Ticket giveaway WINNER

Kari! You're the big winner :) Please email me at cuteonthecheap at gmail dot com with your mailing info.

Thanks to everyone who entered - be on the look out for more fun giveaways.

We're still moving and settling in and don't have internet, so you'll have to hang in there w/me for the next couple of weeks. For what it's worth I've been wearing the same 3-4 outfits all the time (b/c that's all I packed up) and when I'm not at work, I'm covered in drywall dust. We're sleeping in the kitchen (sans cabinets and appliances) but it's great motivation to work faster on the rest of the house!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beauty Ticket giveaway!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are fully recovered from stuffing yourselves with turkey! Al and I spent the weekend moving and we're STILL not done. We have TOO MUCH STUFF, y'all. We've been staying with my parents and hope to be moved into our house by the weekend.

Since I've been such a bad bloggy friend, I have a giveaway from our friends at Beauty Ticket. The fabulous and generous Beauty Ticket has a Stila 4-piece Chocolate Palette Set to give to Cute on the Cheap readers!

 The set (a $90 value!!) includes:

· 3 Eye Shadows -- Base, Crease & Liner (.17 oz)
· 1 Cheek Color (.11 oz)
· Lip Glaze in Grapefruit (.03 oz)
· Major Lash Mascara in Black (.18 oz)
· Pink Agate Stone Necklace
· Plastic Make-Up Bag

How cute is that?! Here's what you need to do to enter:

1) Head over to Beauty Ticket and check out their Gift Sets and Kits.

2) Come back to Cute on the Cheap and leave a comment telling me which set you'd love to find under the tree or which set you'd love to gift.

3) You have until Thursday, December 10th to enter. I'll be announcing the winner on Friday the 11th so be sure to check back to see if you've won!

4) You can get extra entries for blogging about the contest (be sure to leave a comment with the link!) and for following us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you're just too excited to see if you're the winner, you can head over to Beauty Ticket and use the coupon code of GIFTS15 to save 15% off the already low gift set prices. Let me know what you buy! I can live vicariously through you :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beward the Ides of November?!

Boy did that sinus stuff really catch up to me! I've spent the past two days covered up w/a fever and blowing my nose. Fortunately, the fever broke mid-afternoon yesterday and I'm on my way to feeling much better. It's amazing how the body works, you know? The fever worked hard to kill the infection I have going on and by just letting it run its course, I'm well on my way to feeling back to normal.

Today's outfit is a great example of dressing to make you feel better. I missed the past two days of work but HAD to work today (the weekend) so I dressed in bright colors in hopes of perking up. It worked!

Cardi: NY&Co.

Birdy graphic t: Old Navy ($2.49!!!!!!)

Wide-leg jeans: Old Navy

Green Heels: Ralph Lauren

horseshoe necklace: gift

Old Navy recently had their 30% off friends & family event and I snagged this shirt off clearance for $2.49! I've not usually a fan of tshirts because most are crew neck and that's just not a good look for me. However, this is a v-neck so I couldn't say no.

I also picked up a Party Cardi at Old Navy and a cute top for layering. Keep a look out for those in the next week or so! I can't wait to wear them. What did you get at Old Navy with your 30% off coupon?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Headless horselady

Ever have one of those days when you just want to remove your head from your body? That's the kind of day I had. My sinuses are killing me and I look like a goofball. So I removed my head :)

Ikat print top: dressbarn

lime cardi: Target

Wide-leg jeans: Old Navy

Peep-toe heels: Cole Haan

Not a whole lot to say about this. I liked the outfit and was really comfortable in it. I wish I had a dozen more shirts like this. It zips up - no buttons to gap or be wonky. Brilliant!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheap Beauty Goodies: Avon Bent Eyeliner Brush

I absolutely love my Bobbi Brown Gel Liners. They are a splurge that I'm willing to pay for. They go on easily and they last until I take my makeup off at night. I own the black ink, black mauve ink (love), bronze shimmer and hunter ink. So, after you've blown your makeup budget on 4 eyeliners, what do you buy to apply it with? Behold the Avon Bent Eye Liner Brush for the magic price of $1.99! Sure, you could buy Bobbi Brown's eyeliner brush for $25, but why would you? The Avon brush is fantastic and the bent end makes it easier to use, at least for me. I am makeup challenged!

I'm really thinking I need that caviar ink liner next...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspired by The Hidden Seed

I've been lacking inspiration lately, but *finally* was struck with some. Elsita at The Hidden Seed has the most beautiful blog. Her outfits, her drawings, and just the whole darn thing are stunning. I hope you check it out.

She had on the prettiest green cardi the other day and it made me realize I could wear my green cardi with things that may not "match" but to wear it as a neutral. I love how this outfit turned out. It pales in comparison to Elsita's outfit, but it's a good try :)

Green cardi: NY&Co.

Printed dress: NY&Co.

Belt: Walmart

Tights: George via Walmart

Shoes: Coach

I visited a DSW shoe store for the first time recently and got a killer deal on these shoes: $45! I can't say no to shoes this cute for that price.

Cute, huh??

One of my favorite things about these is they're identical in texture/color to my Sam Edelman flats so I can interchange these shoes if my feet get sore!

Cute on the Cheap closet - all 25% off now!

Everything on the Cute on the Cheap Closet site has to go! When you email me with what you like, mention this blog post and I'll take 25% off the list price.

Happy shopping and thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic Friends & Family 30% off

If you didn't receive an email w/this 30% off coupon or haven't received an email from a friend yet, email me at cuteonthecheap at gmail dot com and I'll send one your way.

This is good in-store only and November 12-15, 2009 but you can use the same coupon as many times as you like so hang on to it after you use it!

You can use it at Gap, Gap Outlet, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Banana Republic Factory Store.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gravely and cool

We had a cool snap recently (though I guess it's not a "snap." It's November after all) and I ended up dressing like the weather: Dark and sleepy.
Dress: Target

black/white scarf: vintage Vera

Green Tajmina: Target

Gray tights: Walmart

Pewter heels: Cole Haan

Bracelet: gift

I had originally photographed this outfit earlier in the day at work but you couldn't tell my tights were gray, so I took this when I went to visit Al out at the house. He's been working until after midnight every night and we're close to being ready to move in. Now, we will be sleeping in the kitchen for a while, but at least we'll there!
I love this scarf SO much. It's probably one of my very favorites. I scored it on eBay a year or so ago for a few bucks.

This bracelet is one of my prized possessions. Before the wedding, I'd asked Al if he had any jewelry that was his mom's so I could wear it at our wedding. I was going to wear a bracelet of my mom's and I thought it'd be nice to wear something that was his mom's. She passed away several years ago and I wanted a way to pay tribute to her without being too morbid.

Al didn't have any but called his sister. She called me and said their mom didn't dress up much but that she had this bracelet and necklace that had been given to their mom by her grandmother. Al's sister said I probably wouldn't like it but gave it to Al for me to wear. She told me I could keep it since she never dressed up and it was way too flashy for her. Well, you know how I feel about flash :) I bawled a little (I pretty much cried the whole week before the wedding. Overwhelming emotions, y'all.) but was so honored and thrilled that she wanted me to have this jewelry.

When Al came home with it the tears started flowing again. It was perfection. It was totally my style, totally matched what I was going for jewelry-wise for the wedding, and would be the perfect compliment to my mom's bracelet.

The necklace is just like the bracelet, only longer. I need to get the clasp repaired, but I probably wouldn't wear it b/c I'm so afraid to lose it. The bracelet is too big and gets hung on stuff, so I'm going to reserve it for special occasions too. Wearing it all day made me a nervous wreck and I fiddled with it constantly.

Sorry I've not shared any wedding pictures yet. I want to make sure the photographer is okay with me posting them (they're not released to us yet), and I've been forgetful about asking. In short: the photographs are amazing and I can't wait to do a wedding wrap up on how I blew my wad on shoes (imagine that) and managed to make it all come together in spite of that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you joined RueLaLa yet?

I'm sure most of you ladies are members of this site, but if you're not, now is a great time to join. RueLaLa is a members only, private sale site. You'll find name-brand designer items for a fraction of retail. You know how I love a sale and I know you all do too. They even have stuff for men!

If you join before December 24th you'll get a $10 credit to use on the site.

Click here to sign up.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I didn't even realize it, but the last post was our 500th post. Wow!! Thanks for sticking around through everything. I've been so busy lately with getting married and remodeling our house that I just can't post as often as I like. If it makes you feel better, you're not missing anything! Not many cute outfits these days.

This shot is from a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten it was on my camera. I LOVE this dress. I have a "no ruffles on the bottom" rule when it comes to dresses and skirts but this one is so subtle that it doesn't make me look like I should be on a TLC show for short gals in bad dresses.
Dress: Target ($10!!!!)

Cardigan: Target

Necklace: had it for years. Walmart, maybe?

Bag: Furla (with vintage Echo scarf)

Shoes you can't see: Stuart Weitzman

Sunnies who've recently fallen apart and broken my heart: MaxStudio

My sweet husband (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I met one of our favorite friends for brunch and this is what I wore. The dress was on clearance since it was from summer (it's a halter and a titscrepancy just waiting to happen) but it looks like fall to me. The brown and rusts and creams and pinks and peaches. Just love this. It's a gauzy material and has some super unflattering smocking around the waist. No way in hell would I wear this w/out a cardigan unless I was mad at y'all and never wanted you to come back. However, I believe most of the world's problems can be solved with a cardigan and this was no exception!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink, brown and black.

I'm not really "feeling" today's outfit. As comfortable as it is, this sweater/wrap is only flattering on me worn this way and that's a stretch. It definitely would look better on a taller gal so it could be worn untied and loose. I also went with brown as the neutral for this dress instead of black. I think I really prefer black w/it after seeing this pic.
Dress: JC Penney

Sweater/wrap: Target

brown tights: George from Walmart

brown flats: Clarks

necklace: gift

The tights look black here, but they're brown. They're my beloved George tights from Walmart. For under $5 they're the best tights I've found. They last longer than the Merona tights from Target and they don't sag down or get all droopy. Bonus!

Fall is in full swing around these parts and I wanted to share a picture I snapped this weekend:
This is near the back of our property and all those yellows and oranges really made my day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue, brown and bruised

My camera battery died a couple of days ago and I never seem to remember to charge it until I'm ready to snap a pic. I've got to remember to charge it over the weekend b/c the cell phone pics? No good. It's really cloudy in Louisville this morning so there's not much natural light in the office. You can't really even see the colors or details of this outfit, but here it is anyway. I'm trying to make time to post more often and if I start skipping days, well, you know what happens :)

Blue cardigan: NY&Co.

Brown top: NY&Co.

Jeans: Levi Strauss Signature

Flats: Clarks

Necklace: gift

I feel like I look like a giant bruise today. It's appropriate because my legs are covered in them. I almost always have one on the bottom of each thigh because I can't seem to clear the foot board of our bed. I've had this bed for 4+ years and I still run right into it almost every day. Doesn't matter if the lights are on/off, if I'm awake/tired, or if Maddy is being a hurdle. I'll still run right into the corner of it and usually I hit the same spot over and over so it feels REALLY GOOD. I've managed to pick up several new bruises out at the house because it seems like the place is booby trapped just for me. Lots of things to trip over, fall onto, and run into. Did I ever mention I'm super graceful?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday -- Ally

Nothing exciting, chickens. Just my "uniform" and a cute necklace. Oh and I got my hair cut, but it's pretty much like it always is, just with more bang. Heh.

Ruffle-neck cardi: Old Navy

Pleated tank: NY&Co.

Pants: Old Navy

Flats: Liz Claiborne

Cute necklace: Target

I'm resisting the urge to make jokes about balls. Feel free to leave your best ones in the comments :)

The weather has finally taken a turn and the leaves are turning too! This is my new favorite tree at our new place:
It's some sort of maple but it has tiny leaves. They're smaller than my palm but bigger than a 50-cent piece. It was pretty and green in the summer and now it's gorgeous!! Any ideas what variety it is?

Sorry it's blurry but I was walking up the driveway very quickly when I took this. Somehow my car door locked itself and my car was in the driveway, running, with the doors locked. Yeah. Good thing Al had a spare key in his car!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Ours will be spent working on the house - just like all the others! We're making progress and hope (read: have) to be living there by the end of the month. We just need to get the bathroom functional and then we can sleep in the kitchen (glamorous, huh?) and spend the winter getting the rest of the house done.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who likes free stuff?

I know I sure do! e.l.f. Cosmetics is doing a great promo right now. Make any purchase and receive a free 27-piece Mini Make up Kit. Click on the image below for more info:

FREE 27-pc Mini Makeup Kit with purchase! Use code

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teal & Lime

I've been watching a lot of HGTV now that we're homeowners and one of the shows is about how you should decorate your house in colors/themes you find in your closet. Today, I decided to do the opposite. I love teal and black and lime green in home decor so why not wear it??

Cardi - NY&Co.

Ruffle tank - Target

Pants - Old Navy

Shoes - Cole Haan

Necklace - Sarah Balmer via Scout

I snagged this cute ruffled top at Target for $10 last night. I never thought myself as a ruffles kind of gal, but it seems I am :)

Do you have an item in your house that you'd love to dress like? A rug? A sofa?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Houndstooth Friday

I've been in a serious style slump, kittens. I gained a couple pounds on the honeymoon (it's all in my face it seems. UGH) and nothing feels cute or blog-worthy. This outfit, however, felt great and it looked good too. However, the double chin wasn't invited to the outfit, but showed up anyway. Not sharing that. haha

Houndstooth cardigan: Target

Dress: J. Crew

Belt: Walmart

Flats: Sam Edelman

Bracelet: Forever 21

For an item I've only had for 2 weeks, this dress has already been blogged twice - it's a keeper for sure!! I took a close-up pic of the ruffles this time:

Excuse the lint. I hadn't lint-rolled myself yet :)

I'm not sure who the top of this dress is cut for, but it sure as heck isn't cut for me. I had to pin it today b/c wearing a tank under it is just not easy. Too much riding up.

I snagged this bracelet at Forever 21 earlier in the summer (or spring??) for $4:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Black Tie on a Budget

As I sit here watching the Emmy Awards, I am looking at all the FABULOUS gowns and thinking about how expensive they are and way out of the average person's reach. It got me to thinking about the black tie affair that I was just at this past weekend, The KentuckyBourbon Festival Tasting and Gala. Like most of us, I was shopping on a budget. I found this great dress at Nordstrom's online on sale for $78.90. The jewelry was picked up at Forever 21 and is a lot cuter and sparkly in person! I already owned the shoes and the Rafe silver clutch that I carried, which helped with the budget. As I shopped I looked for a dress that I knew would work with silver or gold shoes since I already owned both of those.
I wish I hadn't been such a dork and actually gotten a few full length pictures of me being all fancy, but all the bourbon was flowing and I had sensory overload and my ADD set in. Sorry, Ladies!
Dress - Nordie's , $78.90
Shoes - Nine West outlet, $25.00
Earrings - Forever 21, $8.80
Bracelet - Forever 21 , $10.80
So, there you have it! Black tie for under $125. Most celebs on the red carpet have underwear on that cost more than that. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week!

I foolishly thought that once Al and I were married my life would be less hectic. Wrong! With the house renovations and the reception we're planning, I'm busier than ever. I tried to take outfit pics every day this week, but I never got around to posting them. That's half the battle, right?!

I'm unloading the whole week here!!

Red/black/white floral shirt: Target

Black pencil skirt: Target

Flats: Sam Edelman

Grey pearls: gift

Dress: J. Crew

Tank (under dress): Old Navy

Flats: Sam Edelman

Necklace: Sarah Balmer via Scout

I snagged this dress for $12 at the J. Crew clearance center. It was conveniently located 2 miles from where we honeymooned! I'll be posting later about our J. Crewing experience!

The dress is darling and has the cutest ruffles up top but guess who didn't bother w/a detail shot? That's right. This gal.

Double-layer t-shirt: Target

Pencil skirt: Target (same as above)

Flats: Stuart Weitzman

Necklace: Sarah Balmer via Scout

Despite appearances, I didn't wear the same things every day in a row :) These outfits were over six days.

It's remarkable how quickly the hot hot summer temps faded. I love being greeted by 60-something degrees in the mornings! I can't WAIT for fall, y'all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey, ladies!! As you know I've been busy with the house, but I've been especially busy the past couple of days. I'm getting married today!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited and am ready to get this show on the road! I'll be back to blogging next week and Tracey will be blogging while I'm gone.

I heart you all bunches!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rachel Zoe for QVC

I can't wait for this collection. I know Allison is a huge Rachel Zoe fan and an even bigger QVC fan, so I'm sure she'll be checking it out too! I love the accesories that Rachel wears on her reality show, so I'm hoping that the look of big funky jewelry, great scarves, and fabulous sunglasses is what we get in her new line. It looks like there will also be some faux fur items. As reported in New York Magazine, the prices for the collection are going to be between $32.50 and $130.00. There is reportedly a leopard print scarf and I'm going to have to get my hands on that one!
What about you ladies? Are you as excited about this as I am?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look for Less - Frye

While shopping at Target this afternoon, I spotted some lovely Frye Harness knockoffs. The top boots are the original, classic Fryes. They can be yours for $222 on

If $222 just isn't in the budget, but you love the look of the Fryes, then Target has a great option for $49.99 (botttom picture). I tried them on in store, and I'd say go up about a half a size. Like a lot of boots, they run a tad small.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've worn these flats into the ground.

I wear the heck out of these shoes and I'm sure you've noticed. I've finally worn a hole in the left shoe's sole. I wish I had snapped a pic of it before I took them to the shoe doctor today. I get them back next week so I'll be sure to let you know how they look. For $25, they better be mighty fine! :)
Dress: NY&Co.

I got this on some super, crazy clearance special for $7!

Michelle Obama pearls: Walmart

Flats: Sam Edelman

If you live in the Louisville area, I can't recommend Fern Creek Shoe Repair enough. They've been in business for decades. I remember going there w/my parents when I was little and sitting on the counter. They've moved to a new location since, but the same old lady and son still work there. I always can get my shoes shined and polished ($4) while I wait and am always impressed with their ability to fix even the most broken down shoes. My almond-toe Steve Maddens were fixed in 10 minutes and for $7 earlier in the year and I'm still amazed at that - they were a MESS!!

When I pick up my Edelman's next week I'm taking some others that need some love. It's worth the price to buy good shoes for sure!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday - Ally

We had a bit of cooler weather this weekend and it was very welcome. It's been so dang hot and humid lately. Seeing 60-anything on the thermometer was a treat!
Dress: Walmart

Belt: Walmart

Michelle Obama pearls: Walmart

shoes: Cole Haan

I didn't realized until later in the day that my entire outfit came from Walmart. I go to Walmart *maybe* 6 times a year so it's kinda funny how this happened. I went there the other day to pick up some stuff for work and went through the clothes b/c I wanted to see the Miley Cyrus/Max Azria line (it's cute but definitely for teens). I saw this dress mixed in w/the workout clothes and it was marked down to $11. Score! I was hesitant b/c it was a size smaller than my usual size. I don't know about you, but I have to size UP at Walmart. Ugh. Maybe that's why I never shop there? Anyway, it was a real surprise that not only did it fit, but it looked good. So yay for me :) My dress, necklace and belt were under $25 - not bad!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The post I've been putting off writing...

Well readers, this is officially the post I've been putting off writing for a few weeks now...but I think I've put off all I can.

This will be my last post as a "Cute on the Cheap" blogger.

In the last month, you've noticed that there is a line of clothing I wear a great deal that I can no longer say the name of. While I don't agree with the reasons, it's neither here nor there at this point, it just is what it is. And, for reasons many of you can probably guess or suspect, my wardrobe is going to be even more heavy on such clothing line heading into the fall.

This blog was founded not only to try to give ideas on how to wear affordable clothing items, but also to tell you where to find such items. Since I can no longer do the second half much of the time, it doesn't seem fair to each of you who loyally read to not fulfill the "mission" of our blog. As such, I'm going to bow out and leave the posting to our other capable writers!

It's been a fun ride the last 14 months...I've been able to interact with some great women and have been inspired -- and challenged!-- by many of them. While I can't say my "style" as a whole as changed, I will say that I look at what I have hanging in my closet in a different way and for that I am grateful.

I've become a bit addicted to blogging, I must admit. There's just something interesting about the comments and insight you get from people who don't know you on a personal or every day basis that is enlightening. That said, don't be surprised if I forge into my own personal blog about fashion and life in general in the upcoming weeks--without singling out any brands of course! I've become a bit addicted to the dialogue that comes with a blog and think I'll want to continue it at some point. If that happens, I'll ask Ally to let you all know--it may not be about my outfits, but hopefully some of our readers may get a kick out of my random musings!

So there you go -- it's been real. Thanks for reading. When we started this, I don't know about the others, but I really never expected it to go beyond our small circle of contacts -- and it has done that and so much more! It's been exciting to be a part of for sure.

Happy shopping and styling to you all,

In search of a new statement belt

Skirt: J Crew

Pumps: Diba at Meijer

I'm in search of another statement belt.

Before I bought this belt with the large rodeo clip, I had never spent more than $20 on a belt or similar type accessory. Just seemed to be extravagant--and it's just a belt, right? But after purchasing this one, I'm a firm believer that sometimes, it can be worth it. Every time I wear this belt, whether it's with jeans or a skirt or anything, it completely changes the entire look of the outfit.

There's one I have my eye on that is a black belt with a gold crown buckle...that could be fun. But what I love about this one are all the colors in the buckle that I can bring out.

As much as I love this piece, I'm ready for a new statement belt. Anyone have any great places they love to shop for fun belts?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend -- Ally

Whew! I'm am TIRED. Like, really really really tired. We closed on our house last Friday (the 14th) and have spent our evenings and weekends working. Lots of landscaping has been cleaned up and we've gutted the kitchen down to the studs. The bathroom will get a similar treatment this weekend. My parents have been beyond helpful with everything and we're very fortunate to have them not only able to help but willing. Anyone in the area want to knock down some walls? We can consider it free therapy. Call me :)

Ruffle shirt: NY&Co.

Green ruffle cardi: Old Navy

Denim skirt: Geoffery Beane

Flats: Sam Edelman

Headband: Goody

Necklace: gift

I am (usually) never one to whine or complain about going to work. I genuinely enjoy what I do and the people with whom I work. I do get a little fussy about working Saturdays, but let me tell ya. I am THRILLED to be at work today b/c that means a "break" for me. No chainsaws, pry bars, scoop shovels, or eye protection are involved in my work day!!

Here's what my attire has consisted of:
Tank tops, jeans and boots.

I know you're all kinds of jealous.

Tank: NY&Co.

Jeans: Levis

Boots: Frye (not shown)

Gloves: Kid's mechanics gloves via Harbor Freight

Sometimes I look a teeny bit cuter. The only reason I'm wearing this shirt is b/c Al packed my work clothes bag for me. When I saw the shirt he put in there he could tell he got it all wrong and said, "But I've never seen you wear it! It must be a crap shirt, right?" No, honey. You've not seen me wear it much b/c it's NEW and I've only worn it once. Hahaha Oh well. It's no worse for wear and now I'll remember to pack my own bag.

Peacock tshirt: Target

Jeans: Levis

Boots: Frye (not shown)

Screwdriver: Craftsman

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be workin' workin' so keep me entertained in the comments section :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Accessory Inspiration

Lace Cami: The Limited

Shoes: Charles by Charles David via Zappos

Necklace: Just Jewelry

I found this necklace at a Just Jewelry party earlier this spring and am so glad I came across it. The colors together have sparked so many new color combination ideas in my wardrobe that I just would not have thought of otherwise. Typically I buy accessories to match outfits but this is one time it worked in the opposite fashion!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Colors and Fall Hair

Necklace: Just Jewelry

Shoes: Charles by Charles David via Zappos

(Sorry for the blurry photo ... didnt see it was blurry til I cropped today and this is the only image I have...)

Still trying to keep wearing my spring/summer items while introducing some fall. As you remember, I've been wearing this skirt all summer mainly with a lime-ish color which I loved. I thought adding a jewel tone may help give me a couple more wearings of the skirt but start moving into fall with the deeper colors.

And onto other matters, I know some readers of this blog will be dismayed to hear but but I'm getting antsy to darken my hair again as we head out of the summer months. I've liked the change and think it looks good but the deep chestnut just seems to feel more like me. But maybe I'm wrong. I can't decide. What do you all think? Keep the color now or go back to the darker shade (accurate color photo in link) or a slight reddish tent (another link)? Weigh in.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Will they make it?

Khaki Pencil Skirt: J Crew

Leopard Print Peep Toe Pumps: Nine West via Marshalls

My leopard print pumps may be forced to make their way into mush and grime for a media story from flooding this afternoon. No other spare shoes on site to change into. Peep toe means grime not only ruins shoes but hits bare feet. This could be bad folks. Update coming on whether the leopard pumps survived in my next post. Cross your fingers for them--and my feet!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bless You Hollywood Fashion Tape

Outfit: Yep, still not happening

Belt: The Limited

Pumps: Nine West

Bless Hollywood Fashion Tape. I had always meant to order some but never got around to it so imagine my delight when I saw a box at Targetlast week. I tossed it in the cart and forgot about it.

As I'm running out the door at 6:30 a.m. this morning (yeah...still crazy at work....) I notice my fuchsia top is gaping badly between the first 2 buttons and I didn't wear a camisole. I grabbed a strip of tape, headed for the door and hoped for the best.

I'm quite pleased to say that it is fabulous! Held the fabric together perfectly all day for no-gaping! This is going to be a wardrobe must-keep-on-hand for sure. Love it for buttons, holding a scarf in place, "hemming" a pair of pants for the day...the possibilities are going to be endless! Who needs a needle and thread when you can smack fashion tape on it? Not this girl!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Intro to Fall

Scarf: (**shakes head no**)

Top: The Limited

Skirt: Express

Shoes: Payless

I love fall clothes. It's my favorite time of the year so I get antsy to start introducing new items and colors to the wardrobe. This scarf seemed like a perfect way to make a start into fall because it has oranges and browns which are traditional fall colors --- but all mixed in with hot pink! I started the day with it looped like this but after 10 minutes in an un-air-conditioned building, it became a sarong around my waist!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not much time to post

Outfit: If I told you, I'd have to kill you

Pumps: Chinese Laundry

All you-know-what has broken loose at work.

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking getting into the marketing and communications field.

Ah, who am I kidding? As stressful as it may be at times, I especially love the crisis times when its fast-paced and constantly moving.

I'm just glad I was dressed comfortably for the day that lied ahead little to my knowledge when I got dressed that day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

You can't stop the beat!

Tunic: On clearance at a store in Hilton Head

Leggings: Can't tell you

New platform peep toe's (after my Steve Madden's died): Nine West

Went to see "Hairspray" at Music Theatre Louisville recently. My mom, sister, friend and her mom all went and we had a great time! What was perhaps the most fun was that my hairdresser Jill was in the performance playing Velma! She was awesome--multi-talented I tell you!

This tunic and leggings just seemed appropriate for a fun show like "Hairspray." I'm still bouncing around singing "You can't stop the beat!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It may not be flashy...

Denim Jacket: Gap Outlet

Belt: The Limited

Dress: Can't tell you

Leopard Pumps: Nine West via Marshall's

Sometimes I try to put together these flashy outfits and while I think they can be cute, I don't know that they are always "me" and I think it shows. However, this outfit just feels quintessentially "Leslie." It may not be exciting-- but it's how I am the most comfortable! At the core, I'm still a classic dresser at heart.

Random note : this dress looks terrible belted with the jacket off on me. However, I've found that as long as I keep a jacket on, belts add a lot to the look of this dress and add color and dimension. So I'm going to stick with it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ally update

Oh, y'all. Forgive my lack of outfit posting these past few weeks. With the wedding coming up (that we're pretty much just started planning) that's 4 weeks away and with work being crazy (OMG my awesome co-worker came back Monday!!!), and everything else going on I've just not had a lick of time.

You might be wondering why I'm selling off so much of my closet and so many things I love. Well, my darling poodles, it's time to spill to beans to everyone:


Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Some of you already knew b/c I can't keep totally quiet and I really appreciate how supportive and helpful you've been when I wanted to completely freak out.

We're getting a 6.5 acre "mini farm" that's way the hell out there but still only 10 minutes from the expressway. Ahh, the best of both worlds. It's a pretty badass place with a pond, and a big garage for Al, and lots of outbuildings/barns/sheds, and even a little cabin back on the pond. All this AND there's a house. A house that needs some serious love. Like, L-O-V-E love. Paint and flooring and plumbing and electrical and cleaning and OMG. I'm sweaty just thinking about it.

One thing about old farm houses? They have teeny tiny closets. What the hell did people wear 75 years ago? Whatever it was, it didn't take up much room and couldn't have been well accessorized. Now you know why I need my stuff to come live at your house. There's no room!!

I'll be keeping you posted on how it all goes but right now, it's looking like we'll be closing, moving and getting hitched in 3 weeks. If we're not divorced by Christmas we'll be golden :D

I'll also do my best to do something other than bitch about how my garden isn't growing or about the dirt under my fingernails. We'll see how well I can balance high heels and fishing reels.
Our first (of many to come) sunset pics on the porch swing. <3

P.S. Look for more stuff coming to the closet. There are about 60 items up now (shoes! necklaces! clothes!) and more to come!!