Friday, June 25, 2010


Testing iPhone app...

Friday, June 18, 2010

TGIF, kittens!

Is it sweltering where you live yet? It's supposed to be 93 here today and there's a good chance I may melt. I came prepared by wearing a loose cotton dress. I figure I can stand over a fan when no one's looking and cool off :)
Dress: Cynthia Rowley (via TJ Maxx)

Michelle Obama pearls: Walmart

Shoes: Crocs Prima flats *sigh*

I picked up this cardigan at Target the other night for next to nothing - $5 out of pocket! I had a top I returned plus a 20% off Merona coupon so after all that, I was only out $5. Not bad!! I was stumped as to what to pair this with but after a few minutes of thinking about it I said, "Screw it" and threw it on w/a black dress.

This dress was a real steal also - $25 at TJ Maxx. It's hard to see in the pic but it has some adorable pleating on the front and back. I tried to snap a pic of it but it's kinda hard to see still:

Pretty cute, huh? I love that it's cotton and loose and perfect for hot and humid days.

These shoes are a total accident. If you recall a couple of years ago, I had the misfortune of leaving my beloved Prima flats in my car and they shrank like crazy. I tried to stretch 'em out but after my little science experiment, they shrank right back and became worthless to me. Well earlier today I was at Big Lots and what do I see for $10? More Primas. They didn't have black - just Easter Egg colors. I picked up the light green (celery) and passed on the purple and blue. I may go back and get another pair because these are so perfect for the yard and for stashing under my desk at work.

I didn't want a repeat of my previous experience w/these so I put them on and ran errands in them. Then I completely forgot I had them on when I took this pic - whoops! I swear I had cute black flats on earlier!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I went mobile!

If you're addicted to your smartphone like I am, you know what a bummer it is to look at your favorite blogs only to have them look totally wonky, right? Well thanks to some of my favorite bloggers, I learned about a great way to make your site smartphone-friendly -

This is what Cute on the Cheap looks like from my iPhone's browser...Pretty crammed, huh? Well enter!

And now look at it on! Much better!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh hey. Remember me?

I swear I didn't forget I had a blog, y'all. I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two but I'm BUSY. This house remodeling is bananas and couple that with work and I'm one busy bee. I've also been wearing the same 10 things you've already seen - BORING. Anyhoo, Tracey and I had a Ladies Day yesterday and went shopping and to lunch and to the track. We had a great day and plan to do this on the regular. Now, for the reason you're here:
Dress: Target

Cardigan: Target

Wedges: Nine West

Sleepy, hungover face: $3 margaritas

I walked out and forgot jewelry this morning - whoops! You can see how lazy I am when I'm not blogging daily! :)

I'm having a really really hard time taking pics with my iPhone. I can't find a good spot at work to take them anymore b/c the phone won't prop itself up like my old phone would. Right now I'm rigging my business card holder on top of a paperweight and then I lean that all up against a picture frame. Kinda inconvenient.

However, I love my iPhone. I'd marry it if I could. I plan on sharing some of my favorite apps in a future post :)

So let's talk about this dress. You know how all the sections at Target run together and one second you're in regular sizes and the next you're in maternity? Okay. So I spied this a few racks over and snatched it up. Then I noticed the size was all weird. It was a 1. What the hell is a one? I read the tag and saw they considered a 1 a 14-16. Seeing as how I fluctuate between a 12 and 14 (more on the upper end these days) I thought I'd give it a whirl. It fits pretty well. I had to really cinch up the straps because the bust is pretty big on me but it's quite the relief not to have to squeeze my boobies into a dress made for a B-cup. The rest of the dress fits like a 12/14 just with more boobie room. Sweet! After looking at the site I can see this is their Juniors' Plus sizing - pretty perfect if you're on the upper end of regular women's sizing! My shopping selection at Target just grew tremendously!

What's your favorite new "find" while shopping? I'm totally stoked about this Juniors' Plus business - It's all a little on the short side, but since I'm also a little on the short side, it's all the right length!